Star Value

Ms. Carita’s unique STAR-VALUE program is one Idea that provides the Right results for our customers. This Five-Point system provides annual cost savings for our customers without sacrificing quality, service or on-time delivery.

What differentiates our STAR-VALUE program from similar programs offered by other vendors in this industry? The Difference: Our People and their service commitment. For each project, we work one-on-one with our customer to identify their needs and end-product requirements, determine the right application and materials for production, manage data through the lifetime production of each part, ensure defect-free manufacturing, and provide inventory support to substantially reduce scrap.

STAR-VALUE is a driving force of our company culture ensuring that we deliver service that is above and beyond the expectations of our customers. Whether you need labels, graphic overlays, placards & decals or event graphics, Ms. Carita is your one-stop-shop assisting you from start to finish to maintenance. We will work with you in all areas of design, testing, production and management of your custom graphic components.

Have a project? Contact us directly at (925) 243-1720 or submit an eQUOTE.