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Ms. Carita Team

Ms. Carita is a multidisciplinary print service provider.
We are based in Livermore, CA.
We work together to design, create, and produce work that we are proud of for businesses that we believe in.

Ms. Carita Star Value

MSC Star Value

For each project, we work one-on-one with our clients to identify their needs and end-product requirements, determine the right application and materials for production, manage data throug hteh lifetime production of each part, ensure defect-free manufacturing, and provide inventory support to substantially reduce scrap and lead time. We work with many clients to support their Just In Time delivery requirements.

Our Vision

Trusted leader of quality products with innovative solutions.

Our Mission

Increase productivity system wide while utilizing reported metrics and collaborative teams to bring about continuous improvement.

Our Guiding Principle

Every commitment fulfilled with uncompromised quality, diligence, integrity and pride.

Our Quality Policy

We produce defect-free products and deliver on time to our customers.

Sales and Customer Support

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