The Epson SurePress

The Epson SurePress
Author Name: Ms.Carita | Post date: January 18, 2017

Ms. Carita, Inc. is excited to introduce our new Epson SurePress printer. Epson’s digital label press will help us expand our capabilities to include cost-efficient and short run digital label printing.

We chose to invest in this printer for a variety of reasons. Part of our commitment to exceptional customer service is continuously improving our methods and updated technology. The Epson SurePress is the most updated form of digital printing. There are no plates, no chemicals, low substrate waste, and it uses water-based inks allowing us to be more eco-friendly. Because of these attributes, we are able to reduce the setup time for a project and work simply by communicating with the machine through our computer.

The new machine also gives us the ability to offer shorter turnaround times while producing higher resolution images. We now offer a printing solution that brings an extended color gamut of CMYK plus orange and green to our printing capabilities.

The benefits this machine will bring to our label-making process include higher quality labels, quicker response time, sustainability, and greater inventory control. We look forward to adding this to our list of capabilities and bringing you a high quality process designed to meet your unique label needs.