Our Company History

Our Company History
Author Name: Ms.Carita | Post date: July 19, 2016

It was the 1970s and a San Francisco Bay Area truck driver, Merritt Mosby, was cited by the California Highway Patrol for using a "Wide Load" sign on the back of his truck that did not meet state regulations. Because trucking signs were not commercially available at the time, Merritt and Carita Mosby decided to fabricate their own "Wide Load" signs for their needs. In their garage, they began to manufacture handmade signs using spray paint and stencils. Soon a San Francisco truck dealership as well as independent truckers heard about their signs and began submitting orders.

In 1972, after taking classes in screen printing and a business start-up seminar, the Mosby's created "Ms. Carita, Inc." The name was based on a popular trend at the time of using the courtesy title "Ms." in front of a woman’s name. They believed the name "Ms. Carita" would be a name truckers would remember – a feminine name in a macho industry.

Two of Merritt and Carita's three sons worked on learning the screen printing trade in their garage. At the beginning of their careers, sons Michael and Gordon Mosby ventured out and worked for larger companies on grander scales becoming educated with newer large formats and close tolerance label and graphics industries.

In 1985, both sons rejoined their parents' company bringing their acquired expertise to Ms. Carita, Inc. Sales exceeded expectations over the next four years. In 1989, Merritt retired from driving trucks and focused his attention solely on Ms. Carita, Inc. In the late 1990s, Michael Mosby took over the role of President and CEO of Ms. Carita, Inc.

In 2003, Ms. Carita, Inc. began a branding campaign for the Transportation Safety Products under the new name SafeTRUCK. In 2006, SafeTRUCK and Ms. Carita, Inc. officially became two separate entities. SafeTRUCK’s manufacturing and distribution operation is located in a 15,000 square foot facility in Nevada. Corporate headquarters for both companies is located in a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Livermore, California.

Today, Merritt's vision lives on through his sons and the company they have grown and Carita Mosby is enjoying retirement. The dedication to service and quality products continues to be the focus for SafeTRUCK and Ms. Carita, Inc. Gordon Mosby is Vice President and National Sales Manager for SafeTRUCK and Michael Mosby is Chairman and President/CEO of Ms. Carita, Inc. and SafeTRUCK.

Ms. Carita, Inc. has grown from a spray paint and stencil shop in the family’s garage, to a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative truck safety products as well as the production of custom product identification components, labels, graphic overlays, placards, decals, and event graphics.