Temperature Really Does Matter When It Comes to Label Adhesive

Temperature Really Does Matter When It Comes to Label Adhesive
Author Name: Ms.Carita | Post date: May 31, 2016


When engineering custom labels, understanding end-use conditions is extremely important, especially when recommending a pressure-sensitive bonding application.

There are two basic categories of label adhesive: permanent and removable. Within the two categories, there are six major types of adhesive labels: permanent, peelable, ultra-peelable, freezer or frost fix, high tack and static cling. Before recommending a label adhesive, a good label manufacturer must consider many factors, including the size, shape and application use of the label, the texture of the surface to be labeled, the expected abrasion impact, the shelf life as well as environmental requirements, such as harsh weather conditions, chemical resistance, UV-exposure and temperature requirements.

Determining the application and service temperature requirements is vital when it comes to adhesives used on labels for various industries, such as biotech, network/electronics, aviation and food/beverage. Working closely with the customer is very important during the discovery, engineering and testing stages. As Ms. Carita, Inc. gains new customers, we are amazed at the number of label manufacturers that do not ask the right questions, particularly in the area of adhesives and minimum/maximum temperature.

For example, a local biotech firm came to Ms. Carita to find a solution to vial labels that were peeling off vials when exposed to high temperatures. Working directly with their biotech engineers, various high performance adhesives and substrates were tested to produce a vial label that would maintain adhesion at temperatures in excess of 500°F (260°C).

Labels exposed to freezing temperatures bring different issues. Through consultation, evaluation and concurrent engineering with our customers, Ms. Carita, Inc. has provided workable freezer and frost fix adhesive solutions to withstand extreme cold without peeling or cracking, be applied in sub-zero temperatures and resist prolonged exposure to very low user temperatures.

No matter what anyone says, hot and cold conditions absolutely matter when it comes to adhesive labels. Make sure you work with a label vendor that knows the questions to ask and has the engineering expertise to match the right adhesive to the label’s end-use conditions.