Understanding the Form, Fit and Function of a Graphic Component Project

Understanding the Form, Fit and Function of a Graphic Component Project
Author Name: Ms.Carita | Post date: July 7, 2015

Steve Jobs (American Entrepreneur, Apple Co-Founder, 1955-2011) said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” An excellent quote from an innovative and fearless imaginer. Apple’s philosophy is to design simple, recognizable and high performing products. What I like about Apple, is their commitment to understand the need then design to fulfill that need.

Be it start-ups or large O.E.M.’s, Ms. Carita is committed to working with our customers to find the right solutions to successfully provide the right graphic component for their application or project. Examples are many and here are a few:

• A distributor of harnessing products was using multiple label suppliers, Ms. Carita being one of them. Upon a visit to their facility at their request, we found they had various printers, ribbons and label substrates. They had no flexibility with their current process and it was creating a bottleneck situation in their production flow. Nothing was standardized so they could not move a label from one printer to another. Ms. Carita provided a complete review of their label needs, standardized the label material and ribbons, which allowed our customer to pick and choose what they wanted to run on any printer at any time. This produced consistent results while eliminating the bottleneck and reduced overall expenses, including label and ribbon cost as well as reduction in time spent working with the labels.

• A manufacturing company asked us to find a way to protect the identifer on the steel material of their product during the cleaning/priming process as well as after-market use. Working with their manufacturing team, we developed a clear double layer label to be applied prior to the cleaning/priming process. Once cleaned and primed, the top layer label is peeled away leaving a clean, clear bottom label over the identifier. Another label design with functionality built-in to it.

• The California State Prison Systems approached us with a request for a solution to replace the required ADA thick braille signage that was being stripped off prison walls and used as shanks by the inmates. Our engineering team researched and engineered a proprietary thin film braille sign solution that was cost-effective at low quantity orders for Local, State and Federal prisons, jails and psych wards, as well as contractors and sign companies.

Bring your next project to Ms. Carita. No design project is too big or too small, we are here to provide our expertise and engineering know-how to produce quality products each and every time.