24 Pack SP330 Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, 4.02 Inch x 1181 Feet

SP330 Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, 4.02 Inch x 1181 Feet, Pack of 24

6 Pack SP330 Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Ms. Carita’s Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide Exceptional Print Quality with Deep, Dark Barcodes and Text.

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  • Prints on top-coated and print-treated polyester, polyimide films, polypropylene, polyethylene, vinyl and nylon substrates.
  • Very dark black images with exceptional sharpness.
  • Excellent mechanical durability, strongly resists abrasion and withstands many common chemicals.
  • Easy to use, drop-in replacement with no printer adjustments needed.
  • UL / CSA recognized on specific substances.
  • Clean Start® built-in printhead cleaner.
  • Made in U.S.A.



  • Color Code Tab:  Blue
  • Film Thickness:  4.5 Microns
  • Total Ribbon Thickness:  6.2Microns
  • Transmission Density:  1.00 MacBeth Scale
  • Ink Melting Point:  110°C / 230°F



  • Color:  Black
  • Wind: Coated-Side In (CSI)
  • 6 Pack Case Quantity