Art Lopez
General Manager

Tom Parker
Sales Manager

Miguel Mejia
Production Manager

Greg Kerkendall
Business Development

Mike Lopez
Human Resources

Our GoalFearless Leader

Publishing your company’s goal is easy. Implementing the goal is a different story. It takes a team of individuals dedicated to providing first rate service to ensure continuous satisfaction and cost savings for our customers.

Everyone at Ms. Carita is committed to:

Our Vision
Trusted leader of quality products with innovative solutions. Dedicated to superior service to our customers, employees and community.

Our Mission
Increase company-wide productivity by implementing systematic budgeting of all resources while utilizing metrics to bring about continuous improvement.

Our Guiding Principle
Every commitment fulfilled with uncompromised quality, diligence, integrity and pride.

Our Quality Policy
We produce defect-free products and deliver on time to our customers.

Michael J. Mosby, President/CEO
Michael J. Mosby, President/CEO

Our goal is to leverage our unique STAR-VALUE program that provides our customers annual savings without sacrificing quality, service, or on-time delivery.